StaphNet Home Page


This server is part of the NeoNetwork.

This server has a NeoNet domain name of and staph.neo.

This server is owned by S. aureus with ASN 4201270007. If you want to peer, please contact the server owner via Telegram.

BGP Table and Routing Info

Please visit here for BGP table and routing info of this node.

This server runs frr as the BGP daemon. You can check the config file at here.

Services Offered

DAAP Music

A DAAP server is running on Some music, mostly Japanese, is served there.

UDP Connectivity Test

A UDP echo server (source code offered here) is running on port 747. You may send a UDP packet no longer than 1024 bytes to get an Echo with more info.

Shadowsocks Proxy

A shadowsocks server is running on with password NeoNetStaphNet and chacha20-ietf-poly1305 encryption. Feel free to use this as your exit from NeoNetwork.

Block of Random Data for Speedtest

You may use curl >/dev/null for a quick speedtest.

NLUUG Mirror

The NLUUG Mirror for major Linux distros is accessible at It is a reverse proxy that allows NeoNetwork users to get packages.

DN42 CA Root Certificate Mirror

As the DN42 root certificate is used to verify https://ca.dn42, the website where it could be obtained, it requires user to force not checking the cert to download this CA certificate. This mirror offers another way of obtaining the CA certificate. You can get the DN42 CA root certificate from here using a secure HTTPS link.

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